About Willow

Welcome! Im so glad You are here. Honey Dreams Wellness is my offering of support to those who need.

I am a FOREVER student with endless curiosity my back ground is rich with study, trainings, teaching and the practices of Yoga Asana and Meditation, Women’s Based Wellness, Grief work, and Plant Wisdom. It is through the epic experience of Motherhood to my vibrant daughter that I find most of my inspiration and spiritual practice. Just like you I make mistakes, I love, I lose, and I win, i experience confusion, trauma, depression, anxiety, fear and joy(so much JOY). I have learned over my experience that it is how I show up in each moment that matters. It is how I am able to sit in the fire of life’s experiences, to taste each and every drop be it bitter or sweet, with the knowing that this is all deeply impermanent. This sense of impermanence informs the choices I make each day and the strong desire that I have to live in loving awareness and keep my heart open to it all. Through my studies and practices I have found myself sitting in a place where I have awakened to my role as a supporter. I have been doing this naturally my entire life, and now through my work with grief I am burning with a passion and drive that has surprised even me, to support others who are experiencing acute grief or ready to explore their own relationship with grief and loss. In all of my offerings I am blending my experience, and education of yoga, meditation, women’s wellness and grief work as well as my own path of healing, to create a supportive and gentle process that is used to explore the inner workings of ourselves, to learn to be in right relationship with our pain, and to find simple ways that gently support the process of living a life that will undoubtedly hold loss and grief, but through which that pain can become transformed into deeper experiences of love and life.

Grief Work

It is no secret that we live in a culture that does not acknowledge grief for the deep life changing process it can be. Along with that lack of acknowledgment grief is taught to be dealt with privately, quietly, in the dark, and usually loss is defined by loss of loved one and not applied to the countless losses that we may experience in this life. I believe with all of my heart that grief is one of the most beautiful process we can experience as humans, but so many of our experiences of grief are kept under wraps due to many obstacles, including the denial from our culture here in the west. In my continued experience of working with my own grief and supporting others as they explore and experience their own, Im understanding, that if we can be supported in a gentle and loving way, if we can access the inner resources that we already hold to help us honour ourselves through our process, and be guided to those resources we have not found yet, we all hold the ability to transform our pain into a deeper experience of love and living in the world. There is no formula or check list to work through when grieving, I believe it is an individual experience. The most powerful tools I use are tools that lead me deeper into relationship with myself, it is through this relationship with self that we can sit with and learn what we need when navigating the hardest parts of life. Exploring our relationship with grief and loss is a deeply important experience to have, as both will continue to show up at our doorstep, and we have the choice to continue to ignore them or to decide to take a closer look.

Grief and Love are sisters, woven together from the beginning. Their kinship reminds us that there is no love that does not contain loss and no loss that is not a reminder of the love we carry for what we once held close.

- Francis Weller


My deepest intention is to create a space of support. I hold a gentle loving space and it is my passion to do so. Everything I am offering is with my whole authentic heart. My life experience has been my greatest teacher along my journey and I am so honoured to be able to share with whom ever feels called to work with me be that in a yoga class/workshop, a yoga therapy program, or 1:1. Life is bittersweet and difficult, but with the right support we can navigate anything that comes our way.

Honey Dreams Wellness is a place to find resources and support. A natural connector, I have spent my life forging lasting loving relationships with some very dynamic and talented people. I am beyond blessed to have kinship with healers of all kinds, from Western Herbalists, Aromatherapists, Wholistic Skin Care, Body Workers, Yoga teachers, Pregnancy and Postpartum Support, Women’s Health Specialists, Therapists, Artists, Poets, Activists and beyond. I believe deeply in the power of having a support system behind you to support your health on ALL levels and I openly share my system along with other community I lovingly support. Please reach out to me via the contact page with any questions or if you would like more information about me. Thank you for being here.

Some of the Tools in my Toolbox Include:

  • 200 Hour Yoga Therapy for Grief Program -The Grief Support Network- Wendy Stern, Boulder Colorado.

  • The Way of the Happy Woman Certification Training - w/Sara Avant Stover, Distance study, Boulder Colorado.

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Prana Yoga College Shakti Mhi, Vancouver B.C.

  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Prana Yoga College, Jolene Bayda, Vancouver B.C.

  • Restorative Yoga Teacher Training - Prana Yoga College, Sharon Abbondanza, Vancouver B.C.

  • Massage Therapy Certification - South West School of Massage Therapy, Durango

The Heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.
— Joanna Macy

To Mother India, for her teachings, and her blessings.

I am deeply grateful to all of the teachers that I have encountered along my path.  Without your teachings, experience, guidance, and support I would not be living the inspired awakened life that I am.  I bow to all of the teachers of my past, present and future. My life, my journey, has been my greatest learning experience and I am forever grateful every moment.

For the Women in my life, my girls, my deepest intimate sisterhood, Good Goddess have I been blessed, without the love, support, tears, laughter, shoves towards the light, companionship in the shadow, jokes, and adventures I would not be who I am. It is with a heart full of honour that I bow to you for allowing me the privilege of being your confidant and gentle supporter in this life.

Sorrow is part of the earth’s great cycles, flowing into the night like cool air sinking down a river course. To feel sorrow is to float on the pulse of the earth, the surge from living to dying, from coming into being to ceasing to exist. Maybe this is why the earth has the power over time to wash sorrow into a deeper pool, cold and shadowed. And maybe this is why, even though sorrow never disappears, it can make a deeper connection to the currents of life and so connect, somehow, to sources of wonder and solace.
— Kathleen Dean Moore