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Grief lives in the body, yoga therapy is a powerful tool to aid in the grieving process. With many years of combined experience and training in yoga and yoga therapy, Wendy Black Stern, Founder of The Grief Support Network, has created a profoundly rich and rewarding program for all stages of grief — designed to help you transform through grief with the tools, self-awareness and supportive community needed to step fully and authentically into your life.(GSN)

We offer an intimate, safe container for grief to be felt, expressed, shared and healed. Throughout this journey, the group creates a circle that offers unconditional love and acceptance, in which all experiences and feelings are acknowledged and validated. Within the circle, participants learn to be a witness to themselves and each other, cultivating compassion, self-awareness and connection within the group. Through this process, trust is created, which invites greater vulnerability and authentic sharing to take place within the weekly classes. As the group explores the relationship between their thoughts, emotions, spirit and physical bodies, they create a learning community in which their grief serves as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation.(GSN)

Willow is a proud certified facilitator of the Mindful Grieving Yoga Therapy program created by founder of the Grief Support Network(GSN), Wendy Black Stern. For more information about GSN and their offerings please follow the link under the Support System page.

Awakening Through Grief 6 Week Yoga Therapy Program~

Throughout this 6 week journey we will meet once a week to create our container of community in loving awareness and use the following tools to support our self inquiry:

  • Guided Meditation

  • Journaling

  • Group Sharing

  • Yoga

  • Relaxation / Integration

Through the explorations of 6 themes( one new theme per week) we will learn together how to OBSERVE the grief in our bodies, where we may hold it physically, and how to witness all of the sensations, thoughts, emotions that may arise with non judgement and unconditional love. We will explore the role of bearing WITNESS to ourselves and each other, which allows us to experience deeper vulnerability and authentic sharing. We will explore PRESENCE, how can we be more present with ourselves even when we are in the depths of our pain. We will open up the space to be curious about our RELATIONSHIP with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. How do we relate with these parts of ourselves and how can we use this relating as the catalyst for deep inner growth and transformation.

6 Week Program Includes:

  • One 2 hour class each week.

  • 1 Audio meditation (via email) weekly.

  • Extra journaling prompts related to weekly theme.

  • One 1:1 mentoring session(45 mins) with Willow outside of class should you feel you need extra support or connection.

Investment: $200

Payment: One time payment of $200 via check or e-transfer prior to start of program or contact to discuss payment plan.

*I do offer a sliding scale rate to those who really need it. Please contact to discuss.

Questions: Please email

From Grief to Gratitude 9 Month(36 week) Yoga Therapy Program~(Coming Early 2020)

Our 9 month From Grief to Gratitude Program is GSN’s signature yoga therapy program. It follows an evolutionary progression that guides participants through a process of self-inquiry to not only move through their grief but to experience greater clarity and understanding of their purpose and life path. Going through a loss can often cause one to question or even redefine their identity. This can be a confusing and scary place to be, but through the support of a loving community, participants are guided to discover new parts of themselves and grow; not in spite of their grief, but because of it.(GSN)

Monthly Themes Include:

  • Grieving in Community

  • Presence & Body Awareness

  • Self-Love & Acceptance

  • Grief as a Teacher

  • Grief Has a Purpose

  • Holding Grief and Gratitude

  • Embracing Change

  • Renewal & Growth — Planting Seeds for Transformation

  • Wholeness & Integration

9 Month Program includes:

  • 1 Two hour class per week.

  • 1 Audio meditation per week.

  • Extra journaling prompts related to weekly theme.

  • Three 1:1 mentoring sessions with Willow should you feel you would like extra support and connection through out your 9 month journey.

    **Classes are held weekly for 9 months for a total of 36 classes (excluding holidays).

Investment: $1250

Payment Option 1: One Time Payment of $1250 due before program start date.

Payment Option 2: Payment plan: 6 payments of $225 made over the course of the 6 month period. Initial payment is due at time of registration to reserve a spot, remaining 5 payments will be due through out 6 month period. There is a $100 fee for payment plan processing.

* I do offer sliding scale rates for those who need it. Please contact me to discuss!

Questions: Please email